Can your Casa Grande insurance agent really save you money by bundling your policies?  The short answer is yes, and here’s how to “Bang for Your Buck“:

  1. Discounts, discounts, discounts. An insurance company is anxious to earn your business and will want to earn as much of it as possible.  To that end, many insurers will offer discounts if you bundle multiple policies.  Some Casa Grande insurance companies can offer you homeowners, business insurance bundles, vehicle and umbrella insurance all in the same place.  The more insurance policies you bundle, the deeper the discounts.  Bundling is an easy way to be fully insured and save money on your insurance premiums.  It is far more expensive for an insurance company to earn new business then to keep an existing customer.  This encourages them to offer you deep discounts to bring all of your business to them and stay with them.  Once a customer has moved his/her policies to an insurance company he or she is less likely to go elsewhere.  The eagerness of the Casa Grande insurance companies to earn your business, and as much of it as possible, is your opportunity for big savings.
  2. Convenience: There is something incredibly simple about having all your insurance policies with one carrier. If you have multiple policies with different carriers you can look forward to multiple bills in the mail every month, different policy cards to keep track of and multiple phone numbers and calls that have to be made.  When you bundle your policies you can streamline all of that.  Your many different monthly bills can be consolidated into one.  If you only have one payment to keep track of you are much more likely to pay your bill on time, avoiding any late fees and penalties.  You also get to limit yourself to working with one company, one insurance card and one system of filing a claim.  Working with your Casa Grande insurance company to bundle your policies can make your life simpler and your insurance premium easier to pay and manage.
  3. Coverage: There are instances where your insurance policies can either overlap or have gaping holes.  Bundling your insurance with the same company allows an agent to review your coverage comprehensively and identify any gaps.  That same agent can review all your policies to see if you have any overlapping coverage and make adjustments to save you money.  The key to successful coverage, whether you choose to bundle policies or not, is to understand your insurance policies and coverage benefits.  Work with your Casa Grande insurance company and agent to thoroughly review your coverage and identify any overlapping items that can be reduced to save you money.
  4. Deductibles: When you bundle policies you may only be required to pay one deductible when you would otherwise have to pay multiple deductibles with different carriers. com gives an example, “But what if…, your car is damaged by the same hailstorm? If you don’t bundle, you might have to pay the $1,000 home insurance deductible and a $500 auto insurance deductible before you received help from your policies. Some providers, when you bundle coverages, have a single deductible requirement – though usually you have to pay the larger of the two deductibles. Even if your Casa Grande insurance company requires you to pay the higher of any applicable deductibles, it could still be more cost effective than paying multiple deductibles to multiple carriers.  In this instance, if you have bundled your policies, the claim process is also simplified.  You only have to pay one carrier and you only have to file one claim.  When dealing with an unexpected accident or property damage, the least amount of work and inconvenience the better.

Bundling is usually, but not always, a good idea.  If you need specialized coverage, you may not get the best deal bundling.  It may be most cost effective to separate out your policies so that you can obtain the best rate for your specialized needs.  Bundled policy rates will vary by insurers so even if you are bundling you will want to shop around.  Also, an insurer may require a long term commitment from you to qualify for the savings, so make sure you are getting the best deal possible before committing.

The savings of time, money and headaches can be reflected in a study published by Insurance  as they studied Generation Y and their satisfaction with their insurance.  This article demonstrates that, “Members of the Gen Y generation, who were born between 1977 and 1994, are less satisfied with their homeowner’s insurers than others.  One reason may be because Gen Y home owners are less likely than older or younger customers to bundle their insurance policies with a single insurer….Satisfaction among bundlers averages 810 vs. 741 among non-bundlers.”  This report reflects higher satisfaction rates for those customers that bundle their insurance.  The financial and logistical savings make bundling a great option for most.  Your Casa Grande insurance company can review your specific circumstances and make sure that the advantages to bundling are a good fit for you.