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Motorcycles are popular in Arizona, especially in the cooler fall and winter months. They are fun, exciting and thrilling to ride, not to mention fuel-efficient. But it is also more dangerous to ride than cars. Statistics show that motorcycles are 30 times more prone to accidents than cars.
Because of this, safety measures are needed when riding a motorcycle. Whether you are riding a motorcycle in Arizona as a sport, casually or as a primary means of transportation, you surely need to heed these safety reminders:

  • Only ride a motorcycle that you can handle.
    If you are not used to riding motorcycles with powerful engines, then you must stick to average ones. Today’s bikes are a lot faster and more powerful than the models built 20 years ago. Choose a bike that is right for your skills, experience and age. Yes, age matters because our reflexes naturally become slower as we age.
  • Wear a helmet.
    Some riders are not comfortable wearing helmets. But riding a motorcycle without wearing one is highly risky. Motorcycle riders without a helmet are more prone to suffer from a fatal injury during a crash. According to government studies, they are also likely to suffer brain injuries than those who wear helmets.
  • Wear the right gear.
    Safety should be your number one priority when on the road. Wearing sandals, T-shirt and jeans is a no-no when riding a bike. Prepare for a road crash because accidents are just sometimes around the corner. For protection, wear jackets, full pants, shoes, gloves and helmet visor. These will protect you and reduce the risk of injury and fatality in case you bump into an accident. Safety first.
  • Watch for road signs and hazards
    Always be alert when driving. If you see a sign that says “accident-prone area,” then you should slow down and drive more carefully. Also, be careful of any road hazards such as sand, pebbles, wet leaves, bumps, and potholes. These may pose as serious hazards when you are driving on a motorcycle. When you notice such hazards, slow down or better yet, avoid them.
  • Always be on the defensive.
    Sometimes, no matter how careful you are when you drive, you still get involved in accidents because of other drivers who are reckless. So when you are on a bike, be alert and keep an eye out for oncoming cars. There are so many reckless drivers out there. Another thing, don’t tailgate. Always keep a safe distance between you and the cars in front of you. This will allow you to stop or avoid an accident in case the cars in front of you suddenly act wildly.
  • Avoid bad weather.
    When the weather’s bad, the safest way is not to ride on a motorcycle. If you really need to go out, bring a car. The rain can make it slippery for the motorcycle as it reduces the grip of the tires on the road. However, if you really happen to ride a bike on a rainy day, just be extra careful. Avoid sudden maneuvers and stopping. Be gentle with steering, throttle and brake.

Get Motorcycle Insurance in Arizona

If you really want protection when riding a motorcycle in Arizona, get motorcycle insurance. It is highly important that you get financial protection too. An insurance will not only protect you and your motorcycle, it will protect you from theft, loss, damages, injuries and other people who get involved in the accident as well. With the high accident risk of motorcycles, it makes it more important for riders to be insured.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

Generally, motorcycle insurance premiums will depend on the net value of your motorcycle and some other factors such as the following:

  • Motorcycle type
  • Riding history of the driver
  •  Security features or devices of your motorcycle
  • Modifications made on the motorcycle

Also, the cost depends on the coverage of your insurance. You can get the cheapest motorcycle insurance rates in Arizona. But price is not everything. So make sure that you are properly insured.

Do not wait for something to happen to you before you think of about safety and insurance. These two must be your priority when you own a motorcycle. We hope that you will keep these friendly reminders in mind before you hit the road.

If you have not yet been insured, visit Gebhardt Insurance. Again, ride safe.