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Accidents happen without a warning, so it’s best to be insured. Aside from knowing the frequently asked questions about auto insurance, it is also important to know the common car accidents leading causes. We cannot always prevent accidents from happening. But preventive measures are still important. We listed the 25 leading causes of car accidents in the country.

  1. Distraction While Driving

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This is one of the car accidents leading causes that most people tend to neglect. One must not drive distracted. One must give his or her full attention or focus on the road when driving. Distraction comes in the form of texting, eating food, calling or other activities.

  1. Speeding

We must all know this. Speeding kills. The faster one drives, the higher the chance that you will get into accident. Don’t ignore the speed limit. Stick to it and be a law-abiding driver. It’s for your own and other motorists’ safety.

  1. Drunk While Driving

Drunk driving or driving under the influence is one of the car accidents leading causes that we hear of each day. Alcohol affects one’s ability to function and focus fully when driving. If you have had drinks, do not drive. Better have someone drive you home.

  1. Reckless Driving

Recklessness is very dangerous to one’s safety. Tailgating, changing lanes abruptly and speeding are considered forms of reckless driving. Drivers who are reckless are often aggressive and impatient. So be careful when you’re around them.

  1. Rainy Weather

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Rain does not only affect road visibility. It also makes the road slippery and slick, making it dangerous for cars, motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles to drive through. It can make the vehicles skid when braking or spin out of control. It is advised that you take extra care when driving in the rain.

  1. Running Through Stop Signs

    car stopping at stop sign

Traffic rules are rules. When it says stop, stop. Do not beat the red light. When you do, it can cause serious accidents. You may cause side-impact collisions, especially if you’re driving at a high speed. Red means stop, so do not drive when it says so. Wait for the go signal.  

  1. Ignoring Red Lights

This is one of the car accidents leading causes that people often ignore. When the car in front of you turns its red lights on, it means that it’s stopping. Be responsive and stop. It is also always important to keep your distance.

  1. Driving Teenagers

Being teenagers does not mean being bad drivers. But statistics shows that teenagers are more careless than adults. Aside from being careless, they are also inexperienced. Unfortunately, they are among the main causes of accidents in the country.

  1. Driving at Night

Night driving is riskier than driving at day. This is because of poor road visibility. You might run into cars that don’t have lights on or you may have weak lights too. You must be extra careful and more focused when driving at night. Better yet, acquire auto insurance in casa grande, AZ if you’re from the area.

  1. Bad Design

Many may not know or believe this, but defective car design is among the car accidents leading causes. Defective parts or design can sometimes lead to acceleration crashes, rollover accidents and others. So always check the credibility of the car you purchase. Safety is more important than looks.

  1. Lane Changing

Sudden lane changing can lead to accidents. One changes lane when making a U-turn or exiting a freeway.  In order to prevent an accident, take extra precaution before you change lanes. Check all the blind spots and make appropriate signals.

  1. Wrong-Way

The biggest mistake a driver can commit is driving through a wrong-way. It is pretty obvious why you shouldn’t drive the opposite direction. Make sure that you’re not driving against a one-way street. This is perhaps one of the car accidents leading causes that can be easily avoided.

  1. Tailgating

Tailgating is very careless. It is the most common habit of reckless and impatient drivers. You must not drive too close to the car in front of you, especially when you’re driving at high speed. You must keep a certain distance between you and the nearest car.

  1. DUI

Driving under the influence of drugs is wrong, no matter how you look at it. Drugs can impair your capacity to function fully and be attentive when driving. You need to have a clear mind when you drive. Drugs can alter your senses, which can lead to serious accidents.

  1. Making Improper Turns

When you turn left or right, make proper signals so the cars near you can adjust. It is always advised that before you make a turn, you must follow proper right of way. Be a responsible driver and follow traffic rules. Not following is one of root car accidents leading causes.

  1. Icy Road

Ice on the road is even more dangerous than rain. It can be very hard to drive when the road is icy. Your car is prone to spinning out of control or skidding. When the weather is cold and you think there’s ice, drive more carefully and tone down your speed.

  1. Driving in the Snow

Snow is even more dangerous than rain and ice combined, simply because it’s a combination of both. Car accidents are frequent during the winter, especially when there’s a storm. It is very difficult to drive in the snow. Keep safe when driving. Better yet, refrain from driving under such weather conditions.

  1. Road Rage

Road rage can lead to dangerous accidents and physical injuries. This can happen when the other driver is speeding or being reckless. It’s best to keep your “cool” during such situations. Temper will only bring in more troubles. This is why road rage is listed as one of the car accidents leading causes in America. There are angry drivers everywhere.

  1. Potholes

Potholes are a real bummer. They can be very dangerous especially if there are no warning signs. You must focus your eyes on the road when driving. Make sure the wheels of your car won’t drive on one of these holes.

  1. Driving When Sleepy

Driving at night, lack of sleep and fatigue are the main reasons why a person becomes sleepy when driving. If you’re really too drowsy to drive, ask another person to drive. If you’re alone, it’s best to take a power nap or a short coffee break before driving back.

  1. Tire Blowouts

Always check your tires before driving. Also, be careful of any sharp objects like shards of glass or nails when you’re driving. Tire blowouts can really be dangerous to you especially when it happens at a curve. This is really one of the most unexpected car accidents leading causes that you must prepare for.

  1. Driving Through Fog

Fog can affect road visibility. Seeing is very important when driving. When your visibility is poor due to fog, accidents are really bound to happen. Remember that when there’s fog, the other drivers also have poor road visibility. Use your headlights so that the other cars can see you approaching.

  1. Blind Curves

Blind curves are really deadly. Slow down and be more careful when you’re approaching a curve. And don’t overtake. When you’re driving at high speed, you may lose your control and you’ll spin out of control at the curve. Caution is the key.

  1. Animal Crossings

Animal crossing is one of the most taken for granted car accidents leading causes. When you’re driving through the woods or in a rural road, there are chances of animal crossings. Wild animals sometimes cross the streets. You should be mindful of them. Keep your senses up.

  1. Racing

Street racing may seem “cool” but it is illegal and dangerous. Racing means driving at really high speeds. It is not only dangerous to you, but to other motorists as well, especially those who are not involved in the race.

Now that you know the 25 car accidents leading causes¸ you can already more or less plan for some preventive measures. But if you really want to be extra sure, get an auto insurance. It’s always the best way to protect yourself, your car, and your other assets. You’ll never go wrong if you dial this number, (520) 836-3244. The professionals at Gebhardt Insruance are always ready to help you with whatever insurance concerns you have. Just give us a call and we’ll be there in a flash to get you insured.