Auto Accident With No Auto Insurance

When we’re on the road, we are always at risk of getting into accidents. There’s no way of knowing when or if it will happen, which is why knowing the answers to auto insurance questions is very helpful. Accident is already a big problem by itself. But it becomes an even bigger, more complicated problem if you drive with no auto insurance.

A lot of people don’t get auto insurance because they think it’s very costly. But they don’t bear in mind that getting in an accident uninsured is even more expensive. Statistics shows that one in seven people that are involved in accidents has no auto insurance. If you are one of those who drive uninsured or if the other person doesn’t have insurance, here are the things that you can do in the event that you get into an accident:

What to Do After the Accident

            The first thing you need to do shortly after the accident is to take note of important information regarding the other person. These include registration number, car model, name, and address, if at all possible. You can also take photos of your and the other person’s car to assess the damage, road markings, weather conditions and other helpful clues. If there are any witnesses, you can also get information from them. These are very helpful if the other person has no auto insurance.

Contact Your Insurance Company

 If you have insurance, immediately call the company to check the coverage of your policy. If you don’t have one, better contact a reliable, professional company that provides auto insurance in casa grande, AZ.

If you have insurance, you are in luck if your own policy’s coverage includes those for uninsured drivers. This is mandatory in some states. You can directly contact the insurance company or call a lawyer to review your options and to check if you are covered. This is because you might have difficulty recouping from the other person with no auto insurance, who might not have enough money to pay for the damages because in the first place he or she did not insure because of lack of money. Even if you file a legal action, it still doesn’t change the fact that he or she can’t pay you.

Aside from the insurance company, you must also contact the police. This will ensure that the driver will not run away from the scene. The police will ask you to write a written report and they will conduct their investigation regarding the accident.

If You’re the Uninsured Driver

            What if you are the one with no insurance policy? If you think you are not at fault, you should still contact the police to protect your rights. A written report will increase your chances against the other driver, even if he or she is insured. You can have the driver’s policy cover for the damages.

If ever you caused the accident, getting a written statement is still important. You can use this as your defense if ever the opposing driver sues for damages. It is best to contact an attorney so that your rights and assets will be protected.

Check if the type of accident can be covered by the other driver’s insurance. As a gesture of good faith, the payment can be negotiated through the insurance company. If the driver’s policy covers a rider for uninsured drivers, then you will only be paying the deductible.

It is always best to be the insured driver. You can never foresee an accident coming. You may think that having no auto insurance is the more economical choice. But you’re wrong. Getting into an accident uninsured is even more costly. Don’t wait for an accident to happen. Get auto insurance now at Gebhardt Insruance Group. They are experts when it comes to these things. They can make it easy and less costly for you in the event that you get involved in an accident. Just simply call this number (520) 836-3244.