Big Black Motorbike

Every motorcyclist knows that a motorcycle needs constant care and maintenance to avoid any mishaps or sudden breakdowns. Although modern motorcycles are more reliable and typically easier to maintain, it’s necessary to be knowledgeable about your bike. Learning how to maintain your motorcycle at home, can prepare you for safer, longer rides and save you money. Here are some tips for motorcycle maintenance to save you money and keep your motorcycle problem free.

Maintain Chain Tension and Keep it Clean

By maintaining proper chain tension, you will avoid unusual pressure on the gearbox and sprockets. A loose chain can lead to a notchy transmission and bumps in the rear suspension.
To avoid damage, you should check your motorcycle’s manual before adjusting the chain tension to ensure it is adjusted to the recommended torque. Ideally, you should place a load on your bike that is equal to the weight of one person, for accurate chain tension adjustment.

The chain should be cleaned and oiled regularly. It prolongs the life of the chain, while keeping your ride smooth. To clean the chain, you will need lubricant oil, a torque wrench, and a gentle bristle brush.

Change Your Oil

To keep your bike properly running, you will need to change the oil every few thousand miles. To change your oil, the engine of your motorcycle should be warm. Remove the filter cap and the sump plug. Let the oil drain away. Once the oil has completely drained, remove the filter, replace the sump plug and tighten it correctly. The new filter should be stained with new oil before tightening. Refill the tank with new oil and start the engine to check if there are any leaks. After a few minutes, check the oil level and add more oil if needed. For this process, you will need a filter wrench, engine oil and a filter.

Check The Air Filter

Motorcycle air filters keep bikes safe from dust and debris. Although changing the air filter may be time consuming, it is a very important step in maintaining your motorcycle. A dirty filter can destroy your bike’s performance. Depending on what type of motorcycle you own, the process of changing your air filter may take longer. You might have to remove the gas tank and other parts of the bike to get to the air box. Replace the air filter and reassemble the motorcycle.

Change Your Coolant

Coolant is necessary to keep your bike from overheating, freezing and from corrosion. To change the coolant, remove the drain bolt and the radiator cap. Once the coolant has flushed, replug the drain bolt. Refill the coolant in the radiator with the appropriate amount of coolant. Next, start the bike to remove any trapped air. Make sure there are no leaks while the bike is warming up. After thirty seconds, remove the radiator cap to check the coolant level. Top if off with more coolant if necessary.

Maintain Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure regularly. Remove the cap on the valve stem and place a tire pressure gauge on it. If the tire pressure does not match the recommended level, inflate or deflate the valve to match it correctly for a safer, hassle-free motorcycle ride.