It’s that time of the year again. This holiday season is for getting together, decorating, dinners with family and friends, and a whole lot of other things. If you are renting an apartment, there is another thing that you must not forget this Christmas: renters insurance.

You read that right. Insurance is highly important this time of the year. For instance, with the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season, the streets are going to be busy. More cars, the more risk of bumping into another car or getting pulled over. If you get pulled over with no insurance in Arizona, then you’ll be trouble. In like manner that when you are renting your place and you encounter problems during the Holiday season, then your happy season is over.

Renters insurance is highly important. This is because everything inside your apartment is not your landlord’s responsibility, but yours. Considering that, based on analytics, there is a spike in the number of accidents, home mishaps and burglaries that occur during the Holiday season, then all the more reason that you need to be insured.

The following are the main reasons why you need renter’s insurance before and during the Holiday season:

House Fires

Based on the reports of the National Fire Protection Association, there is an increase of fire incidents in homes during Christmas season. The primary causes of fire in apartments are candles, space heaters and Christmas trees. Because of this, there is also an increase in house fire insurance claims this time of the year.

Renters insurance protects your possession in case of fire in your apartment. It will still cover you even if the fire started from your neighbor’s home. Moreover, it protects your belongings that have been damaged by the fire and smoke. Instead of waiting for something bad to happen, check your fire detectors and electrical wirings, and be extra cautious. Better yet, get insured.

Home Breaks

Home breaks or burglaries are more common during Christmas season than in any other months of the year. According to the FBI, there is a spike in a number of burglaries in the country during this time of the year. In connection with this, there is an increase in theft claims during the holidays. This just goes to show, more than in any other season, you need extra protection and caution for your valuables and belongings. Don’t wait for the burglars to lurk while you are busy shopping or celebrating the holidays. Get financial protection. Renters insurance will pay for the loss in the event of a burglary.

Slip-and-Falls and Personal Injuries

With the coming of Christmas, you will surely expect guests in your apartment. Friends and families will come over for dinner and get-together. Whatever happens to them, God forbid, while they are on your property is your responsibility. If a guest slips and falls while inside your apartment during this time of the year, then you are obligated to pay for any medical expense, among others. Your guest might have too much wine or beer after your dinner. A slip or personal injury may likely to occur. It’s best to get yourself financially protected in mishaps like this. Consider this another reason why you need renters insurance before the Holidays.

Get Insured

You may think that getting insurance is an additional financial burden. You surely need extra cash for the Holiday expenditures. But getting insured not only gives you peace of mind during this stressful season. It is also easy and affordable to get. Just weight on the benefits and scenarios mentioned above. It’s always better to be ready than sorry.

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